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Afghan Hounds:

Afghan Hound, Shilo


3 year old female Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound, Jendar It's Just A Rumor

Jendar It's Just A Rumor

2 year old male Afghan Hound

Afghan hounds are family dogs that are devoted and emotionally attached to those that they know. Our afghan hounds are extremely inquisitive and can be known to chew up an amazing variety of items. They are often stubborn, but with proper training and patience, afghan hounds are great dogs. Because of their large size, lots of exercise is necessary as they love to run. Afghan hounds have beautiful coats, however they do require DAILY brushing

Our afghan hound puppies are released at 8 weeks.

Price is $2,500.


What's New:

 Expecting to breed next litter late 2023.

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