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Irish Setters:

Irish Setter, Sidney


3 year old female Irish Setter

Irish Setters have a rollicking personality. They are gentle, loving, loyal, and well socialized when they leave our home. This is an active breed that requires lots of energy and exercise to keep them happy. The Irish Setter wants to please, making them easily trainable. This is a very active large sized breed. They love to run and play. Irish Setter's are also known for their hunting ability. They are often seen in Field Trials and Hunting tests. Regular brushing/grooming is essential to keep your Irish Setter's beautiful mahogany coat smooth and shiny. 

What's New:

Expecting a late March, 26, 2023 litter.  Parents are Sidney & Sully!

We have a new designer breed Irish Goldens: Irish Setter/Sire, Golden Retriever/Dam. 

Pups arrived on 3/1/23, we have 8 puppies available.


Sully is a 1 year old AKC Irish Setter

He is 25" tall and 70 pounds. 

Embark health panel clear. Preliminary OFA pending. 


2 year old male Irish Setter

Our irish setter puppies are released at 8 weeks.

Price is $1,500.

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