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RICKY: 1 yr old male Papillon.  Tri-color.

Paps were developed in Renaissance times by crossing existing toy breeds with spaniels, known as "dwarf spaniels", & were companions to the noblewomen, lap dogs of royal courts in Europe.  This may explain why these Paps are among the more athletic & biddable toy dogs in the canine kingdom. The first Papillon was registered with AKC in 1915.  Paps are happy, alert, & friendly, easily spotted a block away thanks to the large, wing-shaped ears that give the breed its name, which is French for "Butterfly". 

What's New:

Our newest toy breed are Lucy & Ricky, Papillons.

Hoping to have our first litter Fall of 2024.

Lucy 1 yr old female Papillon.

We are so excited to add the Papillon to our toy breed program.  

This is our breeding pair, Ricky on the left, Lucy on the right. Both are Tri-Color.


We will have an occasional litter of IRISHDOODLES.  This is "Violet"  6 month old F1 Irishdoodle.

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