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Bearded Collies:

Bearded Collie, Spretzel


Retired male Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie, Quinn


5 year old female Bearded Collie



3 year old female Bearded Collie

Our breeding pairs carry all 4 colors. They show excellent conformation, temperament, and intelligence. They are gentle, loving, loyal, and well socialized when they leave our home. This is a breed that is willing to share all parts of your life. Long walks, herding, obedience trials, agility, therapy dog, and more. The bearded collie is a people dog. This is a very active medium sized breed. They love to run and play. Daily brushing/grooming is essential for a full coated bearded collie, as well as a regular professional grooming every 4-6 weeks. 

Our bearded collie puppies are released at 8 weeks.

Price is $2,000.

What's New:

Expecting Brown/White January 2024.

Expecting Black/White litter

Fall 2024.



Future Bearded Collie female mommy

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