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Airedale Terriers:

Airedale Terrier, Zeke


Retired male Airedale Terrier



Future female Airedale Terrier mommy

The Airedale Terrier is the "King" of the terrier breed.  They are a non-shedding breed.  They require a lot of exercise and space for running and playing.  They require grooming every 3-4 months by a professional groomer, and a DAILY Beard grooming! Airedales are very vocal dogs as they are bred to hunt small animals and will bark when they spot a varmit to chase.  They are a very intelligent breed, easy to train with very little repetition.  They are very comical in their body language and playing tactics. Our Airedales are the standard size, black/tan breed.  They show excellent conformation, temperament, and intelligence. 

Our airedale terrier puppies are released at 8 weeks.

Price is $1,500.

Older pups waiting for their new homes.

What's New:

Airedale litter expected 6/15/24   Silvee/Zeke parents

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